Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Today in Fayetteville" January 2, 1903

Fayetteville was having some cold weather early in 1903. Let us see what the Fayetteville News had to
say about these conditions...
                           Fayetteville News
                                    January 2, 1903

                       Coldest of the Season


Every section of the country was in winters icy grip the coldest weather of the winter prevailed Friday through the united states.


Louisville 9 degrees, which is 21 degrees below normal. Nashville 14, Chattanooga 16, Memphis 20, Atlanta 18, and little rock 22 degrees.


The young people enjoyed an old fashioned shindig at Mr. James peavys Friday night.


Mr. and Mrs. john evens had a family reunion and Christmas dinner on DEC 25th.


Mr. BM Harrison, who spent Christmas with home folks here returned to oxford Tuesday to resume his studies at Emory.


Mr. and Mrs. AP sams entertained a party of young people at their home Monday night. This was one of the most pleasant parties of young people of Fayetteville during the entire holiday season.


submitted by CB glover

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Today in Fayetteville" December 1, 1905

Another interesting look into Fayetteville's history...
                                    Dec. 1, 1905
     Ex-congressman's wife killed and several  others badly hurt.
Mrs Frances Burton Harrison, the wife of Ex-congressman Harrison, was instantly killed in an automobile accident in Long Island City.
The machine became uncontrollable on a steep hill, plunged to the side of the road and turned over. Mrs Harrison neck was broken, Lawrence Scott, and wife were injured and Charles Crocker, brother of Mrs Harrison and the chauffeur were slightly hurt.
                       Lyman Hall laboratory dedicated
The memory of Dr Lyman Hall, late president of the Georgia School of Technology was fittingly honored when memorial services were held in the Tech chapel at Atlanta a few days
                           FAYETTEVILLE PHONE EXCHANGE
 W.B. Roberts, manager, Atlanta, Ga.
Miss Vara Coppege, operator Fayetteville exchange. W.M. Garrison, assistant, and night operator. Local rural lines to any
county residence, mills, farms, ginneries, etc. get in talking distance with the business world. for phones apply to above
named manager or local employees.

                                   SIX MILLION PEOPLE
Six million people are dependent on rail roads for a living. In round numbers the wages for the railway employs amount to
500,000,000 a year.
Judge and Mrs W.T. Glower have announced the engagement of their granddaughter and ward, Miss Ozella Adams, to Rupert Waller of Raleigh, Ga. The wedding will occur at the residence on Railroad St. at an early date. The News
extends congratulations in advance.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Today in Fayetteville" April 20, 1898

The big topic in April 1898 was the Spanish-American War. Let us look back in time to that period and see what was in the Fayetteville News.
                                The Fayetteville News
                                          April 20, 1898 
                                     War News in Brief
The President has issued a proclamation calling for 125,000 troops.
The Columbia and Minneapolis of the flying Squadron are under orders to go to sea. Presumably to convoy a transport of troops and meet the Paris, now en route from England.
Only one seizure of a Spanish vessel has been reported at the Navy Dept.
General Miles has issued orders to form regular troops into Corps and Brigades and assign officers,  presumably to invade Cuba.
Under the call for volunteers, Georgia is to furnish 3,174 men.
General Lee will probably be made Major General to Command the troops to be organized at Richmond on orders of the presidential call.
Spanish Steamer LaCarrina arrived at Ship Island, Miss. yesterday, ignorant of existing hostilities.
Torpedo boat Porter, captured a Spanish schooner, which was towed into port at Key West by the Dauntless.
The fleet off Cuba has been fired on by Marro Castle guns.
A resolution formally declaring war against Spain will be introduced in Congress today.
                    General LaFayette McLaws Camp #79
A camp of sons of Confederate veterans was organized here Saturday. Over twenty names were enrolled with much enthuseum.
General LaFayette McLaws Camp  #79, was chartered 16 April 1898. The first meeting was April 8, 1897. The camp meets the 3ed Monday of the month.
Prof. AJ Vickers was over Saturday to attend the organization of the camp of Confederate Veterans.
Submitted by CB Glover