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"Today in Fayetteville" April 30, 1909

                                      The Fayetteville News
                                              April 30, 1909
                                              Local News
Mr Coe Fields, of Atlanta, died suddenly at his home in Atlanta
last Sunday. For many years Mr. Fields lived in the lower part of this county. His remains were brought to Antioch and entered at the cemetery at that place last Monday evening.
Next Friday afternoon , May 7, will be memorial Day at Hopewell near  Tyrone. An interesting program has been prepared and a growing interest is being manifested in the exercise at this place each year. There are many Confederate soldiers buried in the Hopewell Cemetery and a large crowd is expected to attend.
I am now prepared to do repair work on bicycles and have repair materials for sale. Also on request for new wheels, come and see me.
                                                                   W.H. Holt
                                                                   at railroad
                                          Sandy Creek
Mr. James Kerlin, of this place, who has been sick for some time, died at his home last Thursday and his remains were laid to rest at Union Grove. The family have our heart felt sympathy.
                          The return of Confederate flags
Captured banners will be delivered at Huntsville, Alabama.
Cincinnati, Ohio- Details for the return of the Confederate battle flags, captured by the 4Th Ohio Calvary at Selma, Alabama, near the close of the Civil War, are now in the hands of Governor Comer of Alabama. It will take place at Huntsville,
 May 12.
Captain John A. Pitts of this city, received a letter from Governor Harmon stating that the captured flags will be sent to this city, so that any of the old veterans who may care to view them may do so.
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