Monday, May 26, 2008

"Today in Fayetteville" Oct. 5. 1906

Big things were happening in 1906. Let us take a look at the Fayetteville News, date, Oct. 5,1906, and see what was of interest to our ancestors of that period..
                                              FAYETTEVILLE NEWS
                                                       Oct. 5. 1906
                                          Historic Round House Burned
               Property of W. and A. railroad to value of $150,000 destroyed in Atlanta
In less than three-quarters of an hour Monday night flames licked up $150,000 in property within 1 1/2 bocks of the Fire Department Headquarters in Atlanta.
The old Western and Atlantic round house and work shops together with tools and equipment, are a total loss, Eighteen engines valued at an average of $9,000 each were damaged at Approx. $5,000 each, and 250 men are, indefinitely, thrown out of employment.
                                                  Noted Conspirator Dead
                         Arnold, confessed to complicity in plot to abduct Lincoln.
Samues Bland Arnold, who confessed that he was a party to the conspiracy to abduct president Lincoln, which culminated in the assassination of the president by John Wilkes Booth, died in Baltimore Friday, he was 72 years of age. Arnold with three others, was sentenced in July, 1865, to life imprisonment at the Dry Tortuga's. All four were pardoned by president Johnson in 1869.
Does smoking injure the mouth, no, there is not a trace of evidence in favor of tobacco smoke being in itself injurious. It may irritate the tongue. Jagged pipe, mouth pieces, may set up a tongue sore, and this maybe the starting point for cancer, but the offender is not tobacco.
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