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"Today in Fayetteville" Sept. 3, 1909

Let us look back in time to see the concerns and events affecting our ancestors. Just another day in Fayette Co.
early September 1909. Note the busy intersection of Hwys 85 and 54 in photo..
Today in Fayetteville
September 3, 1909
Last Sat. night the mule being drove by Messrs. James Pritchett and Ben Renfroe being frightened near the home of Marion McEachern in the upper part of the county and both were thrown from the buggy. Mr. Pritchett received several bruises and it was necessary to take some stitches on his head. The wounds are healing and pain has almost ceased.
The public school at this place will open next Monday. Every pupil should enter the 1st day if possible. There is no change in the teachers and they promise their best work.
Because of the dry weather, the cotton crop of this county has suffered much loss during the past two weeks.  Late cotton will likely be one-fourth less than the expectation two weeks ago.  The late corn seems now as if it would be almost a complete failure.  The farmers never had a better time to save their fodder and many have taken advantage of the fair weather and now have their hay crop in their barns.
We are printing 4,000 copies of by-laws for the UBA society this week. It will be remembered that this society originated among the colored people of this place, and is now the strongest order of its kind in the state. Most of the officers are residents of this county. It has given to many colored people of the county a good and decent burial and had it not been for this society they would have been on the charity of the people.
Religious society believes that in 1914 change will come.
Saratoga, NY-Believers in the early dawn of the millennium, members of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society gathered here from several stares for this annual conference. The followers of the sect believe that in 1914 "after times of great trouble" the world is to be transformed into a paradise.  They profess to find their information for this belief in the study of scriptures of the prophets.
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