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Today in Fayetteville, January 12, 1906

Join me in an interesting look into Fayetteville, Georgias' past.


                  The Fayetteville News

                                   Friday, January 12,1906



                        WEDDING DATE IS SET


The President and Mrs Roosevelt have announced the

wedding of Miss Roosevelt to Representative Nicholas

Longworth of Cincinnati.  The wedding will occur on Sat,

Feb 17th at 12:00 noon in the East Room of the White House.


                                     Local News


Prof. W. L. Gilbert opened school at this place last Monday with 33 pupils.

Considering the inclemency of the weather

we think 33 is a good opening. Mr Arthur Stinchcomb and wife

have moved from their former home in Shakerag to the place where Mr Berry  lived near Fayetteville. We are glad to have

them as neighbors again.


The Adams Comedy Company, a traveling troop, headed by Capt. C. L. Adams, of the Texas Rangers, CSA, aged

76, and who carries a cross of honor as a UCV is in town for a performance tonight at institute hall. He was Capt. of the Texas rangers at the age of 34, and served through the Confederate War. He is now active and remarkably stout for a man  76 years old.


Dr G. W. Walls says that his father is growing weaker every day.


Mr John G Minter was quite sick at his home six miles south of town. Dr Lester says he is better at present. many friends wish him a speedy recovery.


Complied by CB Glover

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