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"Today in Fayetteville" January 5, 1917

Another look into Fayette Co. Past:

                              THE FAYETTEVILLE NEWS

                                  January 5, 1917
                                   LOCAL NEWS
The holidays passed so quietly that we hardly realized it was Christmas. The new year is with us and we should try with more zeal and courage to make it a brighter and better year than the one just past.
Several kind-hearted people of the county help to brighten the lives of the old people at the county farm Christmas, by remembering them with gifts of wearing apparel and fruits, which was highly appreciated.
                                      EAST SIDE
This part of town has undergone a considerable change. Some families moved out and others moved in. Mrs JS Millsapps moved to a farm 6 miles west of town and Mr. WH Tidwell lmoved into the house formerly occupied by her. Mr JR Jackson moved to a farm four miles eaast of Jonesboro, and Mr. Bogan Farrer has moved into our midst. We welcome good people in our town.
Miss Anna Ruth Murphy returned to school at Milledgeville last Wednesday
Marcelus Kendrick is at Mr. B Thorntons and is just recovering form a case of measles.
"A real garden", says Mr. Hastings, president of the Southeasten Fair Association and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, properly prepared and planted,  and kept planted throughout the season, will help mor to decrease store bills than anything else the farmer can do.  There are lots of what I term 'one planting' gardens. Gardens with a few struggling rows of beans, a few dozen cabbages and tomato plants, with some watermelon off in one corner, but thats not real gardening any more than a youngsters first drawing of a cat or a dog on his slate, is fine art. Our southern folks generally dont take the garden seriously when as a matter of fact the  right kind of a garden, containing a full line of vegetables and kept busy all season, is reasonably sure of furnishing at least half the living of the family.
Submitted CB Glover


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