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Today in Fayetteville, April 16, 1909

 An Interesting look into Fayette's past

                       THE FAYETTEVILLE NEWS

    Today in Fayetteville, April 16, 1909

                                  Home Affairs

Your friends in Senoia will be glad to hear from you by long distance Bell Telephone. A 3 minute talk cost only 20 cents. Call "long Distance.

                       Dames of the Revaluation

The Dames of the Revolution is an American Society organized in 1896 and composed of women above the age of 18 years, of good moral character, who are descended in their own right from an ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence during the War of the Revolution. It s main purpose is to foster the spirit of patriotism.

                   War on Reckless Drivers of Automobiles

New York City-There is no mistake about it this time, public indignation against the "Scorchers" and "Joyriders" is thoroughly aroused and they are going to be vigorously delt with. The newly formed Highways protective Assoc. and the "Automobile Club of America" representing some and responsible owners and drivers of automobiles are prepared to aide in prosecuting offenders.
So much for the offenders when cough, and the arrangements for catching them are more wide spread and complete than ever before. As a result of the organization of the "special squad" of policeman mounted on bicycles, motor wheels, and some in automobiles.

Our town keeps growing. Tom Orr is building a residence and will soon move in. He will operate the Blacksmith shop.

Last Sunday night Miss Geneva Harper died at the home of her mother two miles north of here, She was taken ill the week of her fathers death and lingered along until her death Sunday night

researched and submitted CB Glover

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