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"Today In Fayetteville" November 30, 1917

Another interesting look into Fayette Countys past:                              

                               The Fayetteville News
                                       November 30, 1917

Extract from letter of Pvt. Joseph B. Speer, Baker Co., I Camp Lee, Petersburg, VA September 29, 1917

I arrived here this morning, Thursday at 10:30. We didn't leave Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. till Wednesday on account of transportation. Woudn't send us until they could get a Pullman on fast through train. We were about 30 hours- fast riding, getting here. I passed through tunnels, over mountain passes, across big rivers and saw sights worth seeing, sure had a fine trip and you can't realize what a farewell a soldier gets on leaving his home state in passing through towns where trains stop to get water and change crews.

Many thanks for the ginger cakes, got them just before leaving Fort Oglethorpe and they sure did help out on our trip. We have good fare here, chicken, fish, eggs, butter, ham, coffee, oranges, cake ets., so don't worry on that line. We have the best cook in the whole army, he gets a good price too. Our Captain is the best ever, all of our officers are fine. Our Company is nearly all from Georgia, some from North Carolina. 

We are in a fine section of the country and fine people too, just let them find out you are in the Regular Army and 700 miles from home and they invite you to church with them and home with them for dinner, and you will have good times and plenty of friends.

Some Sunday afternoons we go to Richmond or Norfolk and down to the beach where we look out across the deep blue, toward France. It is grand to go out a mile and a half in a small row boat and go aboard a large battleship when at anchor and see the waves coming and get the spray of salt water in your eyes. I want to go across some day.

The Virginia State Fair begins at Richmond 20 miles from here next week and I will get to go.

The car line comes in from 3 cities to Camp Lee- Hopewell, Petersburg and Richmond. Hopewell is what they call a "Mushroom" city, 45,000 people live there and the city is only 8 years old.

Tell the boys to enlist in the Regular Army- Come on, let's do our part. Don't be a Slacker. Do you want your mother, your sister, wife or sweetheart to suffer as so many "over there" are suffering? Don't you want to live in a free democratic country yourself: We have lots of work to do, but come on.
I have seen only one person I ever knew since I left home and that was at a distance.

Article by Betty Anne Sims
Submitted by CB Glover

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